Interview with Tim de Zeeuw, Director General of ESO

Paweł Ziemnicki from The Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium talks with Tim de Zeeuw, Director General of ESO

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The origins and reception of the General Theory of Relativity (including its Polish cases)

We are looking forward to your attending the lecture of Professor Hanoch Gutfreund. The lecture will take place on 27 November at the Copernicus...

Look: there’s the Earth! – exhibition in planetarium

Starting in November 2015, the planetarium will host a free-entry exhibition (open to everyone) dealing with space exploration and research, and how...

Meeting with Prof. Anton Zeilinger, quantum physicist

Together with his team, in 1997 he carried out the first-ever quantum teleportation, and in an experiment in 2012, he managed to perform teleportation...

Secrets of naked globes

An interview with Kelsi Singer, Washington University in St. Louis.

Partial solar eclipse – photo gallery from the event

On 20th March between 9.30 a.m. and 12.07 p.m. we were observing a partial solar eclipse. Thank you for partcipation and check out photos from the...

Don't pollute the night: turn off that light!

Take a glance up at the night sky. No matter how many stars you can see, you could still be seeing more. Today a truly dark sky is a rare occurrence...

The Mysterious Abundance of Transparent Matter

Interview with Prof. Gerry Gilmore, scientific head of Gaia mission, from the University of Cambridge.