Michał Sobierajski is a charismatic vocalist with outstanding piano skills, as well as a composer, arranger, and stage performer, who enchants his audience by combining jazz sensibility with pop accessibility. He graduated from the Faculty og Composition and Arrangement in the Jazz Institute at the Music Academy in Katowice. Laureate of many prestigious awards, both in Poland and abroad, including the first prize at Concours Musical de France, international piano competition in Paris, and distinction at Jazz Juniors, international competition for young jazz bands. He was also a finalist of the Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest, international contest for film music composers, and the second edition of "The Voice of Poland”. His debut album Przed snem released in 2015 contains his 11 compositions maintained in the ambience of electronic soul and R&B. Michał has absolute pitch along with remarkably positive life energy, which is why he is often invited to collaborate with top artists such as Justyna Steczkowska, Kayah, Afromental, LemON, and Simply Red lead singer – Mick Hucknall.