2 November 2018

The music of Hania Rani can be described as modern classic, expressed with new approach to classic music forms and particular use of acoustic instruments.
Her solo piano compositions were born out of the artists fascination with the instrument, as well as her will to interpret in her own way its sound and harmony capabilities. As a result, she composed a series of works of diversified character and sound, with which she tries to illustrate free space and time, at the same time referring to places that are key to her understanding of music: Bieszczady Mountains and Iceland.


1. Eden
2. Warszawa
3. Luka
4. Glass
5. Rurka z kremem
6. Simple words
7. Sun
8. Waltz
9. Esja
10. Hawaii Oslo

Hanna Raniszewska (Hania Rani) – pianist, composer, and music arranger living between Warsaw and Berlin. As a pianist, she has won many Polish and international competitions, performed in the Warsaw Philharmonic and National Theatre in Warsaw, and at Opener and Slot Art Festival, as well as abroad, in Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Italy and Lithuania. Her latest achievements include special distinction at the international Transatlantyk Festival in Łódź and winning the Firestone Headliners of Tomorrow competition. Since 2012, she forms a duo with the cellist Dobrawa Czocher. Their cooperation has resulted in “Biała flaga” album released in September 2015, which reached the Olis list of “50 best-selling albums in Poland” (and is recommended by outstanding artists such as Włodek Pawlik and Justyna Steczkowska). By the end of 2017 the artist plans to release her first solo album.